Best Portable Air Conditioner For Apartment

Best Portable Air Conditioner For Apartment

Why go for a portable air conditioner?

If the window air conditioner is not an option, you are more likely to look for easier and more energy efficient ways of cooling your apartment. Portable air conditioners are the perfect choice in such situations. And if studio air conditioning has been costing you more to cool a single room you will need to replace it with the portable version. For a long time, portable air conditioners have been a popular choice for travelers and popup campers. Here, we help you find the best portable air conditioner for your apartment.

Best Portable Air Conditioner For Apartment Comparison Chart

– No restrictions 

Most city ordinances and apartment buildings do not allow installation of window air conditioners. In such cases, a portable air conditioner is a great option because it will not protrude outside your house. And due to their portability, you can easily move them from one room to the other depending on your needs. 

– Will fit perfectly in your small space

Most people living in one bedroom or studio apartments find that portable air conditioners match their needs perfectly. There is no need for any permanent installation in your small space and therefore the setup process is fast and easy.

 Even more, when living in the small space, views, natural light and the other window benefits are not worth sacrificing. Unlike the huge window air-con, which is likely to take most of your window, portable air-cons will take a smaller fraction of the opening and preserve the precious space. 

– Reduce the cooling expenses and remain cool in the hot months 

Everything considered a portable air-con comes at a lower price than a window air-con – apart from the high-end portable coolers that might cost more than the low-end window air-cons. Moreover, portable air-cons are cheaper to run compared with the huge window versions. 

However, before buying a portable air cooler, you will have to research for the best price possible depending on the needed specification and the reputable manufacturers. Some models are expensive but offer a wide range of services such as heating during the cold months and others come with air vanes that get into motion after sensing movements. That allows the system to enhance its air usage. Take a look here, to find the best portable air conditioner of 2019.

– Cools and dehumidifies 

In addition to cooling the air, portable air conditioners dehumidify too. That way, they are able to leave a cool and dry space. If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, you will have to maintain lower levels of humidity. If the humidity is high, the moisture can be as discomforting and oppressive as the heat itself. Both of them can make an unpleasant living area. With a portable air conditioner, you will be able to select the dehumidifier or cooler option solely.

– On the go cooling alternative 

Portable air conditioners offer exclusive solutions for small spaces. For most pop-up campers, travel trailers and RVs, the portable units come in handy, considering that the cooling systems can be unreliable. Whether you need to cool your permanent home or a temporary vacation the aircon will make your living space comfortable. They offer unique cooling solutions ideal for small spaces in recreational vehicles. 


Portable air conditioners have become more popular possibly because most people have realized the many benefits they provide. When considering your cooling options, it should not miss in your list.